Fun 'N' Learn

From our modest beginning we have been able to achieve the status of being one of the impressive number of students.

Little Hearts “Fun ‘n’ Learn” is meant for imparting a holistic education to the Tiny Tots for their all round development. Each child gets individual attention and parents are overjoyed to see the wonderful progress being made by their kids in a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere. In our sincere efforts to develop every facet of the child’s personality we synchronize with the parents and get feedback over the child’s progress and problems.

“Fun ‘n’ Learn” nurtures the young saplings in such a way that it induces a sense of excitement for learning and empower them to achieve higher quality through their smart work creativity and innovation.

The specialities of the One and Only “Fun ‘n’ Learn”

  • Effective learning through “Smart class” under the guidance of efficient and well qualified “MOTHERS”. Slow learners are guided to the path of victory by personalised coaching.
  • Kid’s Fest- the budding talents of the Tiny Tots, their skills, capabilities and potential get appreciated in the Kid’s Fest. We ensure that every child gets an opportunity to bring out the hidden talent in him/her.
  • Children’s Park- The beautiful childrens park in the campus enable the children to spend an hour everyday in the lap of Nature . It is the centre of attraction for the new kids who come along with their parents for admission.
  • In the spacious activity Room (Play Room) they get exercise not only for the body but also for the mind- The play room is well stocked with non toxic toys and equipments.
  • Morning assembly-Meaningful assemblies with various programmes make the kids ever ready to participate in competitions. Their inhibitions get removed and they communicate effectively. Their self confidence gets enhanced through the well planned activities and fruitful training.
  • Teachers are facilitators, learners, guides and mentors who are equally motivated as the students. They attend various workshops to enhance their caliber to maintain standard teaching methodology.
  • School Library- We are proud to possess one of the best School Libraries of its kind in the District. It is well stocked with a wide range of books & periodicals to quench the thirst of our voracious readers. Reading cards are there in abundance for the KG kids.
  • Fine arts coaching- “Learning is not a race for information , it is a walk of discovery”- We aim to develop each child’s abilities through a variety of multisensory activities. Special coaching in Dance , Music , Karate , Roller Skating , Chess and Yoga is well utilised by the children and well appreciated by the parents.
  • Life Skills and Values:– Life Skills and values are taught in a very remarkable way through meaningful stories and activities.
  • Security of Kids- No child will be sent with any unknown person without written authorization and proper identification.
  • Children enjoy outdoor play safely under the supervision of their “ MOTHERS” at “Fun ‘n’ Learn”.
  • Colourday celebrations- “Learning can be great fun if done creatively”
  • Everymonth the well organized activities on colourday celebration create happiness and competence in children. The parents unflinching support to each and every programme motivates us to strive for the higher and higher goals.
  • Graduation Ceremony- The convocation day for the UKG students is a day for the parents to feel proud to see their kids getting their scroll of honour.

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